I started all of this for one reason. To give confidence to other business owners. I remember starting out. I didn't know who to turn to for advice or help starting up. I come from a family of scientists, and well - let's just say I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a lab...

So this design thing was all new, and I'm not sure I even understood the impact at the time. But I learned, and that's why I do what I do now, to help those who might find all of this scary - and might even be holding back because of it. Fact is, it's NOT scary, it can be done, and I'm here to help!

I chose my major before stepping into college. I was sure I was going to do something in music producing. Well, guess what? If you want to go into music, you should know something about it, and well, I didn't. So, I panicked and signed up for an open class: INTRO TO GRAPHIC DESIGN. Okay, I was good with computers this shouldn't be too terrible...

It wasn't terrible, it was so amazing! 

I graduated and started work immediately in NYC at some major fashion publications. I was living my dream. Until one day, I was leaving a meeting and I felt stuck.

I remember sitting at a desk and thinking,  "what if..."

And that's when it happened. I did a quick talk with my family and quit my job. I started a studio in the guest room and started my first business. I was terrified, but I jumped in - more like a cannon-ball. I empowered myself and now I'm here to help empower YOU!

Jessica is a New Jersey native now living in rural Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts, with a minor in Business and is working towards completing her Master of Arts in Elementary and Special Education. 

She has worked for national and global publications. In 2007, she opened a design studio where she obtained freelance jobs from clients like Sephora, Elizabeth & James, Nordstrom, and BRIDES Magazine. 

She lives on a lake with her cutie-pie of a husband, Chris and her sweet yellow lab, Toby. 

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