I’m sure everyone knows just how much I rely on HoneyBook to help run my business. It keeps me on track and there are so many new features I can’t wait to explore. Many of my clients use HoneyBook as a place to communicate and track projects (as do I). Embedding one of their custom […]

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April 29, 2020

Customizing Contact Forms with HoneyBook

Choosing a color scheme for your brand is a huge part of it’s development. The colors you pick should contribute a meaning to your branding. Often, we see the same colors being used for similar types of businesses. Let’s take fast-food businesses, for example, there are two major color that are prominent in most of […]


November 7, 2019

What Colors Mean for Your Brand

I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting MONTHS to re-launch this class and finally, the day is here! This masterclass used to be called the Business Builder, and while it was an AMAZING course, it needed to be updated and refreshed. With that, came the new name – Business in Bloom. This course is filled with […]


November 6, 2019

Business in Bloom is OPEN for enrollment!

That’s right. I jumped ship. And I’ll tell you why – I just wasn’t seeing the #’s using my old planning subscription. I figured I would give another application a chance to see if anything improved 🤞 – and it DID! When I signed up for Planoly a few months back, they only had the […]


October 2, 2019

Planning your PERFECT Feed with Planoly!

There’s no other way to say it. I was rock bottom drained. Between all of the life stuff I had going on plus working I was in desperate need of a break. And in the week I had off, I learned a lot. I learned that six years is too long in between vacations. Yep […]


August 13, 2019

Well Rested.

I had started designing these a while ago, but then the site launched and I had/have a very busy client schedule. But I wanted to get these out there for upcoming shoots you may be planning. The Marketing Boards measure 5×5 inches and are 300DPI. The editable text uses free fonts (if they are fonts […]


July 26, 2019

Photography Marketing Boards

The ladies from Village asked me to help with the branding of their new start-up which features services from before pregnancy through baby’s first year. Their ShowIt platform website offers free downloads for preparing life with your new family member as well as a list of their services and a blog! I adored working Michelle […]


July 19, 2019


I used to have a really tough time remembering to post on social media. I would get those reminders from Facebook saying, “your followers haven’t heard from you in a while.” I signed up for Tailwind, a social media content manager. It has made my life 1000x easier. Some content managers, like Tailwind, will schedule […]


June 11, 2019

30 Days of Social Media Posts

It took me FOREVER to finally jump on board with HoneyBook. I did the trial, I let it expire and then I went back to my old ways. My old ways were time consuming and dated. One night, after working with clients all day, I was sitting down to start invoicing, tracking projects, and updating […]


March 19, 2019

Tools of the Trade: HoneyBook

Motivation for this week is simple. Don’t get in your own way. It’s easy to put your dreams aside for things that are going on presently. Always keep your dream in mind and work towards that goal. The hardest part about starting your own business is DECIDING that you are jumping in!


March 6, 2019

Get Out Of Your Way!

From my very first client, I realized how important it is to be organized when working on branding projects. Sifting through emails for documents sent by the client is not easy or fun. I started using branding boards for two reasons: 1. it was a fantastic way to have all of the key elements in […]

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February 25, 2019

Branding Boards FTW

I get to work with some amazing women (and men) to achieve their business dreams; and everyday I think about the effect these people have had on my own life. Because of these people, I am able to work from my home. I’m able to do what I love to do and I’m able to […]


February 22, 2019

Empowered Women + Freebie

When I was younger it was hard for me to stay connected to what I was working on. After starting my own business, my ways changed. All of a sudden, no detail was too small and I began to want to make everything my version of perfect. At first, I thought I was nit-picking. However, […]


February 20, 2019

Weekly Motivation: Be Proud