a creative course to bring your business to life!


Define your business, create a strategy & develop a profitable business on your own time. 

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Think of me as your personal cheerleader. I'll be right there, on the sidelines giving you the motivation you need to make your dream job a reality. 

This course will provide you with the tools and advice to help build your creative business from the ground up. 

Not only will you end up with a business plan that is launch ready, you'll be on your way to owning a (profitable) business that you are proud of! 

let's build your dream job...

You are ready to be your own boss, I'll help you make it happen.

During the planning stage, we are powering through some of the details that are going to make your business stand out.

There is A LOT of brainstorming in this chapter of business planning, but it feels GREAT to get all of these ideas out in the open to work on!

- Planning your business structure
- Deciding on a niche
- Choosing a name
- Writing a business mission statement
- Making a business plan outline


chapter 1

chapter 2: development

As we develop your business, we will begin to talk about what you will need in order to become profitable. 

- Search for online presence options (website + social media)
- Making your business legal
- Discussing safeguarding your assets
- Creating goals for your business
- Begin to develop lead generation ideas
- Developing a maintenance plan for your business
- Finance planning and operations


chapter 2

chapter 3: branding

As a branding strategist, I can guide you through the process of setting up your brand. We will discuss the importance of making the elements of your brand consistent while still reaching out to your ideal clientele. 

- Creating a brand identity
- Developing your business' "voice"
- Designing your brand structure
- Making a management system to keep your brand on style

Branding / Identity 

chapter 3

chapter 4: online presence

For most, your online presence will be what you need to reach your ideal clientele. During this chapter, we will discuss:

- The importance of a well developed website
- Creation of social media accounts
- Maintaining your online presence
- How to market on Instagram
- Making your business searchable
- Developing advertising strategies
- Generating leads 

Online Presence

chapter 4

Access to BONUS Material

At the end of the course, you will be able to access bonus material such as:

- Information on creating an engaged email list
- Apps I use to schedule my business and social media accounts
- Get my 30 Day Social Media scheduling planner
- A personalized 20 minute coaching call with me to answer any
   questions you might have. 

Access to BONUS Material


you can't knock a woman off a pedestal she built herself

This course is packed full of tools and research for you to successfully build a profitable business! This course is a DIY, I provide the tools, and the lessons and you will be able to build your business without hiring someone to do it for you - saving you THOUSANDS! 


the value of this course is $2,500, but your investment is only $247

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