Large images, crisp lines - a creative's dream template! 

Moodie is named after a fictional character I read in a book once. I can't remember the name the story, but I remember Moodie. She was a beautiful romantic. So this template is inspired by a girl name Moodie from the book I can't remember.

Romantic and pretty, this template is simple yet stunning. It is a one-page responsive site. All of the information is on one page and will scroll through when you click for a new section. 

Galleries are on separate pages and are linked to images on the home page. Ready to see Moodie in action? 

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Jessica is a New Jersey native now living in rural Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts, with a minor in Business and is working towards completing her Master of Arts in Elementary and Special Education. 

She has worked for national and global publications. Once she began her own design studio, she obtained freelance jobs from clients like Sephora, Elizabeth & James, Nordstrom, and BRIDES Magazine. 

She lives on a lake with her cute husband, Chris and her sweet yellow lab, Toby. 

Jessica is honest, yet kind. I needed a huge overhaul on my social media pages and the images she designed flowed together so perfectly and I am in love. Seeing emails from Jess, instantly bright up your day. Her cheerful personality is seen through her words. It is a comfort to work with someone who is so kind to others and cares immensely about other people's businesses! A+
- Heidi G.