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About Moodie



Moodie is named after a fictional character I read in a book once. I can't remember the name of the story, but I remember Moodie. She was a beautiful romantic. So this template is inspired by a girl name Moodie from the book I can't remember.

Romantic and pretty, this template is simple yet stunning. It is a one-page responsive site. All of the information is on one page and will scroll through when you click for a new section. 

Ellie Rallen, Ellie Cakes

Upon completing the BUSINESS BUILDER workshop, I was able to confidently launch my business without the worry that I missed something. I felt secure in my decision to hit the launch button and that was three months ago. My business is already turning a profit and I couldn't be happier to FINALLY be my own boss! 


Ashley Tennah

Three years ago I started my own hair styling business for brides. I struggled every day to book clients. I decided to go through my business and start over. I took this course and within a week of revamping my business I was booking clients regularly.  This course was a valuable resource that saved my business! 


M. Gratson

I was a part-time photographer who worked a full-time job that I couldn't wait to leave. I took this course to help me understand what I would need to do in order to create a business that I could make my forever job. This was a good decision for my business...PS...I left my job and work my business full time now! 


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